Scientific Reports:

W. Auzinger:
"DCMG01: A multigrid code with defect correction to solve \Delta U - c(x,y)U = f(x,y) on \Omega, U = g(x,y) on \partial\Omega, on nonrectangular bounded domains \Omega with high accuracy";
Report for Arbeitspapiere der GMD, Nr. 127; 1985.

English abstract:
DCMG01 is an extension of the Multigrid program MG01 to solve the Helmholtz equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions, \Delta U - (x,y)U = f(x,y) (on \Omega), U = g(x,y) (on \partial\Omega), by difference methods in general bounded domains \Omega \in \R^2 with high accuracy. The extension is based on a defect correction principle. This report describes the properties of DCMG01 and how to use it. Numerical examples are also presented.

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