Publications in Scientific Journals:

N. Popovic, D. Praetorius:
"H-Matrix Techniques for Stray-Field Computations in Computational Micromagnetics";
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (invited), 3743 (2006), 102 - 110.

English abstract:
A major task in the simulation of micromagnetic phenomena is the
effective computation of the stray-field $\H$ and/or of the
corresponding energy, where $\H$ solves the magnetostatic Maxwell
equations in the entire space. For a given FE magnetization $\m_h$,
the naive computation of $\H$ via a closed formula typically leads
to dense matrices and quadratic complexity with respect to the
number $N$ of elements. To reduce the computational cost, it is
proposed to apply $\HH$-matrix techniques instead. This approach
allows for the computation (and evaluation) of $\H$ in linear
complexity even on adaptively generated (or unstructured) meshes.

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