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N. Popovic, D. Praetorius, A. Schlömerkemper:
"Magnetic Force Formulae for Magnets at Small Distances";
PAMM, 5 (2005), 631 - 632.

English abstract:
In [Schlömerkemper], the magnetic force on subregions of rigid
magnetized bodies was studied as a discrete-to-continuum limit. The
derived force formula includes a new term, which depends on the
underlying crystalline lattice structure $\LL$. It originates from
contributions of magnetic dipole-dipole interactions of dipole
moments close to the boundary of the considered subregion.

Further studies of this new term have led to the question of how the
magnetic force between two idealized magnets, which are a distance
$\eps>0$ apart, depends on $\eps$ as $\eps\to 0$. In this article,
analytical aspects of this question are discussed,c f. [PopovicPraetoriusSchlömerkemper], where also numerical experiments
are performed.

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