J. P. Caulkins, G. Feichtinger, M. Johnson, G. Tragler, Y. Yegorov:
"Skiba thresholds in a model of controlled migration";
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organisation, 57 (2005), S. 490 - 508.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This paper presents a dynamic optimization model of a central challenge of US housing policy:
deconcentrating poverty via housing mobility programs without inducing middle-class flight. We
explore two versions both with and without the possibility that poor families assimilate into the
middle class. Both demonstrate multiple equilibria with a Skiba point separating initial conditions for
which the optimal strategy leads to substantial flight from those leading to a stronger middle-class
population.We also find an interesting mathematical phenomenon of a "lens" focusing the trajectories
in a sense that allows for the coexistence of three saddles and an unstable equilibrium.

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