Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Reiterer, U. Egly, T. Eiter, H. Kahmen:
"A knowledge-based videotheodolite measurement system for object representation /monitoring";
Advances in Engineering Software, 39 (2008), 10; 821 - 827.

English abstract:
High-precision online 3D-measurement systems can perform their measurements with and without targeting. Systems which are able to measure without artificial targets use the texture on the surface of the object to find `interesting points´. However, well-trained `measurement experts´ are required to operate such a measurement system. In order to make such systems easy to use even for non-experts, we extend it by a knowledge-based component which supports the operator. We report on the architecture and functionality of the respective knowledge-based system, its development stage and the promising results obtained in experimentation.

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Project Head Alexander Reiterer:
i-MeaS - Ein intelligentes bildgestütztes Messsystem für die Überwachung von Felsstürzen

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