Publications in Scientific Journals:

E. Lundgren, G. Leonardelli, M. Schmid, P. Varga:
"A misfit structure in the Co/Pt(111) system studied by scanning tunneling microscopy and embedded atom method calculations";
Surface Science, 498 (2002), 257 - 265.

English abstract:

We have performed scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) measurements of thin films of Co and CoPt alloys on Pt(111). In contrast to the
interpretation of an earlier low energy electron diffraction investigation by Tsay and Shern [J.S. Tsay, C.S. Shern, Surf. Sci. 396 (1998) 313] we
find that the structure observed upon annealing a Pt(111) sample with a Co film of 2 monolayer thickness does not consist of a rotated Co film
but rather of a CoPt alloy film with hexagonal areas of fcc stacking, single and double tacking faults, delimited by misfit dislocations (Shockley
partial dislocations). Comparison of STM images with embedded atom method (EAM) calculations confirms our model. The structure at the
Pt-PtCo interface in our model is similar to that proposed by Henzler [M. Henzler, Surf. Sci. 419 (1999) 321].

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