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E. Lundgren, G. Kresse, C. Klein, M. Borg, J.N. Andersen, M. De Santis, Y. Gauthier, C. Konvicka, M. Schmid, P. Varga:
"Two-dimensional oxide on Pd(111)";
Physical Review Letters, 88 (2002), 24; 2461031 - 2461034.

English abstract:
The oxidation of Pd(111) leads to an incommensurate surface oxide, which was studied by the use of scanning tunneling microscopy, surface
x-ray diffraction, high resolution core level spectroscopy and density functional calculations. A combination of these methods reveals a
two-dimensional structure having no resemblance to bulk oxides of Pd. Our study also demonstrates how the atomic arrangement of a non-trivial
incommensurate surface can be solved by molecular dynamics in a case where experimental techniques alone give no solution.

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