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S. Lederer, A. Mertens, H. Winter, F. Aumayr, Hp. Winter, A. Staemmler:
"Electronic processes near kinematic threshold for grazing scattering of fast hydrogen atoms from a LiF(001) surface";
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B, 203 (2003), 23 - 28.

English abstract:
In coincident studies on projectile energy loss and number distributions of emitted electrons for scattering of hydrogen
atoms from an atomically clean and .at LiF(0 0 1) surface we derive probabilities for emission of electrons and
production of surface excitons near their respective kinematic thresholds. We analyze our data in terms of electron
transfer in binary atomic collisions with one collision partner being embedded at the anion site of an ionic crystal and
derive information on the energy defects in these collisions.
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PACS: 79.20.Rf; 61.85..p
Keywords: Ion surface scattering; Electron emission; Insulator; Threshold study; Hydrogen atoms

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