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F. Maca, A.B. Shick, J. Redinger, R. Podloucky, P. Weinberger:
"The influence of hydrogen adsorption on magnetic properties of Ni/Cu(001) surface ";
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics, 53 (2003), 33 - 39.

English abstract:
Ni/Cu(001) is known as a unique system showing the spin-reorientation transition
from an in-plane to out-of-plane magnetization direction when the Ni-overlayer thickness
is increased. We investigate di.erent relaxed multilayer structures with a hydrogen adlayer
using the full-potential linearized augmented plane-wave method. The relaxed geometries,
determined by total energy and atomic force calculations, show that H-monolayer strongly
in.uences the interlayer distance between the Ni-surface and sub-surface layers yielding
the outward relaxation of Ni-layer at H/Ni interface. Furthermore, large decrease of local
magnetic moments at the topsu rface area is found for the surface covered by H.
The magneto-crystalline anisotropy energies are calculated for fully relaxed H/Ni-.lms.
The spin-reorientation transition critical thickness of 4 ML is found in good quantitative
agreement with the experiment.
PACS: 75.70.Ak, 75.30.Pd, 75.30.Gw
Key words: surface magnetism, thin .lms, magnetic anisotropy

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