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P. Weinberger:
"Towards an Ab-Initio Description of the Exchange Bias in Spin-Valve Systems ";
Phase Transitions, 76 (2003), 523 - 532.

English abstract:
By conisidering collinear and non-collinear magnetic configurations the interlayer exchange energy can be viewed as a continuous energy parameter ε that can directly be correlated with the magnetoresistance. It was shown (Weinberger, 2002) for the spin-valve system Co(111)/Co6/(CoO)n/Co6/Cu6/Co6/Co(111), n = 6, 12, that the exchange bias refers to that value of ε below which the magnetoresistance remains zero. Above this value a gradual change in the magnetoresistance is observed when considering non-collinear magnetic configurations.

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