Publications in Scientific Journals:

H. Winter, A. Mertens, S. Lederer, C. Auth, F. Aumayr, Hp. Winter:
"Electronic processes during impact of fast hydrogen atoms on a LiF(001) surface";
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B, 212 (2003), 45 - 50.

English abstract:
We present an analysis of data obtained in coincident studies on projectile energy loss and number distributions of
emitted electrons for scattering of hydrogen atoms from an atomically clean and .at LiF(0 0 1) surface. The emission of
electrons, production of surface excitons and formation of negative ions is explained by a model of electron capture by
projectiles at .uorine lattice sites where the formation of negative hydrogen ions is the common precursor for the
electronic processes of relevance here. We describe the interactions in terms of concepts for gas phase collisions and
derive probabilities for the detachment of negative ions during the collision with the insulator surface.

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