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D. Berardan, C. Godart, E. Alleno, St Berger, E. Bauer:
"Chemical properties and thermopower of the new series of skutterudite Ce1-pYbpFe4Sb12";
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 351 (2003), 18 - 23.

English abstract:
Chemical properties and thermopower of the new series of skutterudite Ce1-pYbpFe4Sb12

D. Bérardana, C. Godart [Corresponding Author Contact Information] , [E-mail The Corresponding Author] , a, E. Allenoa, St. Bergerb and E. Bauerb

a CNRS, ISCSA, LCMTR, Rue H. Dunant, 94320, Thiais, France
b Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology, A-1040, Wien, Austria

Received 14 August 2002; revised 9 September 2002; accepted 9 September 2002. ; Available online 23 December 2002.


We report on sample preparation and electron microprobe analysis in the series Ce1-pYbpFe4Sb12 that shows that a solid solution exists between CeFe4Sb12 and YbFe4Sb12 for all compositions in the series. The valence states of Ce and Yb have been studied using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Ce is trivalent throughout the series, whereas the Yb valence linearly changes from 2.16 for Yb0.93Fe4Sb12.08 to 2.71 for Ce0.85Yb0.05Fe4Sb12.06 . The Seebeck coefficient was measured from 4 K to room temperature. It is enhanced by more than 20% at room temperature in Ce?Yb mixed compounds as compared to CeFe4Sb12 or YbFe4Sb12.

Author Keywords: Rare earth compounds; Transition metal compounds; Thermoelectric; X-ray spectroscopy

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