Publications in Scientific Journals:

L. Udvardi, L. Szunyogh, K. Palotás, P. Weinberger:
"First principles fully relativistic study on low energy magnetic excitations in thin films";
Bull. Am. Phys. Soc., 48 (2003), 521.

English abstract:
The relativistic effects such as the sipn-orbit coupling play an important role in the magnetic properties of ultra thin films. In order to determine the magnon spectra the Landau-Lifshitz equation resulted by the adiabatic decoupling schema [?] has been solved in harmonic approximation. New formulas have been derived by means of the fully relativistic KKR method for the derivatives appearing in the expansion of the free energy. We were able to reproduce the easy axis and the uniaxial magnetic anisotropy constants according to other calculations for the three systems we studied: Fe1/Au(100), Fe1/Cu(100) and Co1/Cu(100). Our calculations also account for the gap in themagnon spectra at q = 0 and the lowering of the symmetry for in-plane magnetized films. We pointed out that the magnons are elliptical polarized in the
case of in-plane magnetic orientation.

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