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A.M. Palasyuk, B.Ya. Kotur, E. Bauer, H. Michor, G. Hilscher:
"Electrical conductivity of ThMn12- and Th2Zn17-type ternary intermetallic compounds in R-T-Al systems (R=Y, La, Ce, Gd, Tb; T=Mn, Fe)";
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 367 (2004), 205 - 210.

English abstract:

Electrical resistivity measurements in the temperature range 1.5?300 K were performed for ThMn12 and Th2Zn17 structure type RMnxAl12-x and R2MnxAl17-x (R=Y, La, Ce, Gd, Tb; T=Mn, Fe) ternary intermetallic compounds. There is a correlation between the ordering of the crystal structure and the type of the electrical conductivity in R?Mn?Al ternaries. Hopping conductivity in terms of variable range hopping (VRH) occurs in RMnxAl12-x (structure type ThMn12) and R2MnxAl17-x (structure type Th2Zn17 ) aluminides with disordered or partially ordered crystal structure, both for magnetic and nonmagnetic rare earths. Only for the RMn4Al8 stoichiometry with an ordered distribution of atoms, the resistivity exhibits metallic-type behavior. The presence of magnetic Fe atoms suppresses hopping conductivity in R?Fe?Al ternaries, evidencing that the 3d-element has a predominant influence on electronic transport in R?T?Al intermetallics.

Author Keywords: Author Keywords: Rare earths; 3d-elements; Aluminides; Ternary intermetallics; Crystal structure; Electrical resistivity

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