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M. Albu, F. Aumayr, Hp. Winter:
"State-selective and total single-electron capture for impact of slow He2+ (E<=1 keV) on H2, O2 and CO";
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 233 (2004), Issue 1-3; 239 - 244.

English abstract:
Projectile state-selective single-electron capture for impact of slow He2+ (impact energy * 1 keV) on H2, O2 and CO has been studied
experimentally by means of translational energy spectroscopy. Comparative measurements were made with a Ne gas target for absolute
calibration of the electron capture cross-sections for the molecular targets. We compare the importance of "direct" single-electron capture
(transition of one electron only without excitation or dissociation of the ionised target molecule) versus single-electron capture accompanied
by target excitation (transfer excitation, possibly leading to molecular dissociation). Our measurements are extended to lower impact energies
than earlier ones and are qualitatively interpreted on the basis of Landau-Zener transitions in the collisional quasimolecules. Similar as for
direct single-electron capture, transfer excitation proceeds preferentially within a "reaction window" for the involved reaction energy defect.
2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Single-electron capture; Slow He2+ ions; Electron capture cross-sections; Translational energy spectroscopy

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