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M. El-Hagary, H. Michor, E. Bauer, M. Della Mea, K. Hense, G. Hilscher:
"First-order magnetic phase transition in PrCo9Si4 and NdCo9Si4";
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 272 - 276 (2004), e445 - e447.

English abstract:
First-order magnetic phase transition in PrCo9Si4 and NdCo9Si4

M. El-Hagary [Corresponding Author Contact Information] , [E-mail The Corresponding Author] , a, b, H. Michor [E-mail The Corresponding Author] , b, 1, E. Bauerb, M. Della Meab, K. Henseb and G. Hilscherb

a Helwan University, Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Helwan 11792, Cairo, Egypt
b Institut für Festkörperphysik, Technische Universität Wien, Wien A-1040, Austria

Available online 14 January 2004.


The tetragonal compounds PrCo9Si4 and NdCo9Si4 have been studied by specific heat, electrical resistivity and magnetic susceptibility measurements. The onset of ferromagnetic order is observed at Curie temperatures TC [similar, equals] 24 and 12 K for PrCo9Si4 and NdCo9Si4 , respectively. Thermodynamic and transport data of both compounds reveal a first-order phase transition from the paramagnetic to the ferromagnetic state which can be deduced from step like anomalies in the resistivity data as well as sharp peak-type anomalies of the specific heat.

Author Keywords: Ternary compounds; First-order magnetic phase transitions; Specific heat

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