Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Mohn, I. Turek, S. Khmelevskyi:
"Effects of alloying on electronic structure and magnetism of Y(Co1-xMx)2 (M = Al, Si, Fe, Cu) compounds ";
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 272-276 (2004), 312 - 314.

English abstract:
The effects of various substitutions on the electronic structure of Co in Y.Co1 xMx.2 compounds (M =Al, Si, Fe,
Cu) are studied employing the coherent potential approximation as embodied in an all-electron TB-LMTO method.
Two principal mechanisms affect the magnetic properties of Co as the impurity concentration increases: (i) a change of
the 3d-electron concentration; (ii) effects of band smoothening due to disorder. The latter mechanism is dominant for
Al and Si substitutions. Substituting 3d-element the former applies, but also disorder effects are present.
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PACS: 71.20.Lp; 75.10.Lp; 75.50.Cc
Keywords: Laves phase; Disorder; Metamagnetism

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