Publications in Scientific Journals:

W. Smekal, W.S.M. Werner, C.S. Fadley, M.A. van Hove:
"Surface sensitivity in electron spectroscopy: coherent versus incoherent scattering models";
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 137 (2004), 183 - 187.

English abstract:
We investigate the extent of diffraction effects (coherent elastic scattering) in electron spectra
measured on materials that do not exhibit
perfect crystal structure, such as crystals with a high defect density, polycrystalline materials or
even amorphous solids. A single scattering
cluster (SSC) model was implemented to calculate photoelectron angular distributions for non-ideal
crystals. As a first test, results obtained
with this code were compared with a well established code for a perfect crystal. The two codes were
found to give essentially identical results.
Furthermore, SSC calculations of Ni2s photoelectron depth distributions averaged over crystal
orientation so as to apply to an amorphous
material were compared with Monte-Carlo (MC) simulations of elastic scattering, entirely based on a
non-coherent scattering model. The two
sets of results were semi-quantitatively consistent.

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