Publications in Scientific Journals:

G. Erdélyi, G. Langer, J. Nyéki, L. Köver, C. Tomastik, W.S.M. Werner, A. Csik, H. Störi, D.L. Beke:
"Investigation of Ta grain boundary diffusion in copper by means of Auger electron spectroscopy";
Thin Solid Films, 459 (2004), 303 - 307.

English abstract:
The thermal behaviour of sputtered CuyTa bilayer films on Si-substrate (Cu is the top layer) was
investigated in the temperature
range of 563-713 K.Samples were heated in ultra high vacuum conditions, while the Auger intensities
were monitored. The time
evolution of the Ta and Cu Auger signals was interpreted as Ta grain boundary diffusion through the
Cu film and Ta accumulation
on the copper surface.On the basis of the method developed by Hwang and Baluffi, the activation
energy of the Ta grain
boundary diffusion in copper was determined (Qs0.70.2 eV).At 713 K a 10-h heat treatment caused a
complete degradation
of the sample, silicon appeared on the top surface and silicide formation was detected.

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