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K.-D. Zastrow, M.G. O´Mullane, M. Brix, C. Giroud, A.G. Meigs, M. Proschek, H.P. Summers:
"Double charge exchange from Helium neutral beams in a tokamak plasma";
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 45 (2003), 1747 - 1756.

English abstract:
Helium neutral beams of 29.5 keVamu-1 have been injected into helium
plasmas on the JET tokamak. Thermal neutral helium in its ground state
forms along the beam trajectory due to resonant double charge exchange.
The helium neutrals form a halo about the neutral beam axis, and the
latter is observed spectroscopically. The cross section for double
charge exchange is derived relative to the cross section for beam
emission. The double charge exchange spectrum is used to measure the
plasma ion temperature and the frequency of toroidal rotation and can be
used to infer the helium ion density. The potential for a He ash
diagnostic based on observation of the helium halo is discussed.

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