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J. Stöckl, T. Suta, F. Ditroi, Hp. Winter, F. Aumayr:
"Separation of Potential and Kinetic Electron Emission for Grazing Impact of Multiply Charged Ar Ions on a LiF(001) Surface Charged Ar Ions on a LiF(001) Surface Charged Ar Ions on a LiF(001) Surface ";
Physical Review Letters, 93 (2004), 263201-1 - 263201-4.

English abstract:
Projectile time-of-flight spectra and the number of emitted electrons have been determined in
coincidence for grazing scattering of slow (0:45 keV=u) multiply charged Ar ions from an atomically
clean and flat LiF(001) surface. By relating projectile energy loss to kinetic electron emission we were
able to determine contributions from potential electron emission even in the presence of a considerable
number of kinetically excited electrons. Our results suggest a practically complete use of the available
potential energy for electron emission during grazing scattering in sharp contrast to findings for the
normal incidence case.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.93.263201 PACS numbers: 34.50.Dy, 79.20.Rf

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