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E. Bauer, I.Yu. Gaidukova, E. Gratz, K. Hense, G. Hilscher, A. Hoser, A. Markosyan, V. Paul-Boncour, V.E. Rodimin, N. Stüsser:
"Magnetic structures and phase transitions in the pseudobinary Er1-xYxCo3 system";
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 16 (2004), 4273 - 4282.

English abstract:
Magnetic structures and phase transitions in the pseudobinary Er1-xYxCo3 system
E Bauer1, I Yu Gaidukova2, E Gratz1, K Hense1, G Hilscher1, A Hoser3, A S Markosyan2,6, V Paul-Boncour4, V E Rodimin2 and N Stüsser5
1 Institute for Experimental Physics, Technical University Vienna, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, A-1040, Austria
2 Faculty of Physics, M V Lomonosov Moscow State University, 119992 Moscow, Russia
3 Institut für Kristallographie, RWTH-Aachen, Jägerstrasse 17/19, 52056 Aachen, Germany
4 LCMTR, CNRS, 2-8 Rue H Dunant, 94320 Thiais, France
5 Hahn-Meitner Institute Berlin, Gleinicker Straße, 100, 14109 Berlin, Germany

6 Address for correspondence: Laboratory of Problems for Magnetism, Faculty of Physics, M V Lomonosov Moscow State University, 119992 Moscow, Russia
E-mail: marko@plms.phys.msu.ru

Received 19 December 2003
Published 4 June 2004
Print publication: Issue 24 (23 June 2004)

Abstract. X-ray and neutron diffraction studies as well as magnetization and electrical resistivity measurements of Er1-xYxCo3 compounds were performed. In the Er-rich compounds, 0 \le x \le 0.2 , a temperature-induced metamagnetic transition takes place between weak and strong Co magnetic states. In the intermediate concentration region, 0.1 \le x \le 0.7 , below 40 K a spin reorientation was observed. The magnetic structure below the spin-reorientation transition is non-collinear. The Er moments on the 'cubic' sites (6c) are tilted from the c-axis by an angle of about 55, while those on the uniaxial 3a positions compose a smaller angle, of about 15. The spin-reorientation transition is accompanied by a large orthorhombic distortion of the hexagonal PuNi3-type crystal structure, which is accounted for by a large anisotropic magnetostriction of the Er sublattice. The distortion parameter (a\sqrt {3}-b)/ b varies linearly with x. Its extrapolated value for ErCo3 is about 2 10-3. The concentration dependence of both types of magnetic instabilities is depicted in a magnetic phase diagram of the pseudobinary Er1-xYxCo3 system for the low-temperature region.

URL: http://stacks.iop.org/0953-8984/16/4273
PII: S0953-8984(04)74015-1

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