C. Mitterbauer, C. Hébert, G. Kothleitner, F. Hofer, P. Schattschneider, H.W. Zandbergen:
"Electron energy loss-near edge structure as a fingerprint for identifying chromium nitrides";
Solid State Communications, 130 (2004), S. 209 - 213.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Electron energy loss-near edge structure as a fingerprint for identifying chromium nitrides

C. Mitterbauer Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, a, C. Hébert b, G. Kothleitner a, F. Hofer a, P. Schattschneider b and H. W. Zandbergen c

a Research Institute for Electron Microscopy, Graz University of Technology, Steyrergasse 17, A-8010, Graz, Austria
b Institute for Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/138, A-1040, Wien, Austria
c Laboratory of Materials Science, Centre for HREM, Delft University of Technology, Rotterdamseweg 137, 2628 AL, Delft, The Netherlands

Received 5 December 2003; accepted 30 January 2004 by H. Eschrig Available online 11 February 2004.


Electron energy-loss near-edge structure data for the N K and the Cr L2,3 edges of CrN and Cr2N have been acquired in order to distinguish between these chromium nitride modifications. The N K edge spectra of these compounds have been modelled using both band structure and multiple scattering methods. We compare the results of these calculations with the experimental edges which have been recorded using a conventional transmission electron microscope (TEM) as well as a monochromated TEM (Wien filter).

Author Keywords: Author Keywords: A. Chromium nitride; C. Scanning and transmission electron microscopy; E. Electron energy loss spectroscopy

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