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G. Kornich, G. Betz, V.I. Zaporojtchenko, A. Bazhin, F. Faupel:
"Molecular Dynamics simulations of low energy ion sputtering of copper nanodimensional clusters on graphite substrates";
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B, 227 (2005), 261 - 270.

English abstract:
Molecular dynamics simulations have been performed of sputtering of copper
clusters, which consisted of 13, 39, 75 and 195 Cu atoms, on a (0 0 0 1)
graphite surface by 200 eV Ar ions. The role of multiple Ar-Cu and Ar-C
interactions in the polar distributions of backscattered Ar ions was
investigated. Yields, energy and angular distributions of sputtered cluster
atoms were examined. The azimuthal angular distribution of sputtered Cu
atoms exhibit periodic maxima every 60. The polar angular distributions of
sputtered Cu atoms have maxima in directions parallel to the substrate
surface for all clusters. The obtained sputtering yields are for a surface
with a single Cu cluster deposited. A solution to the problem of comparing
the sputtering yield for such a single surface cluster with the yield from a
surface with a given cluster coverage is presented.

Keywords: Sputtering; Cluster; Molecular dynamics

PACS: 34.50.Dy

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