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S. Khmelevskyi, P. Mohn, J. Redinger, M. Weinert:
"Magnetism on the Surface of the Bulk Paramagnetic Intermetallic Compound YCo2";
Physical Review Letters, 94 (2005), 146403-1 - 146403-4.

English abstract:
Using full-potential electronic structure calculations, we predict that the (111) surface of the cubic Laves phase Pauli paramagnet YCo2 is ferromagnetic. The magnetism of the (111) surface is independent of the termination of the surface, does not extend beyond two Co layers, and is related to the field-induced metamagnetism of the bulk. YCo2 appears to be a prominent candidate to demonstrate the phenomenon of surface-induced itinerant magnetism localized in two dimensions. 2005 The American Physical Society

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