Publications in Scientific Journals:

S.T. Nakagawa, G. Betz:
"Planar defects in crystalline silicon caused by self-irradiation";
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B, 230 (2005), 210 - 213.

English abstract:
We have analysed by computer simulation the evolution of defects caused by
self-irradiation of crystalline silicon (c-Si) at high temperatures. A
classical molecular dynamics simulation (MD) was followed by defect analysis
using the pixel mapping (PM) method. The incident Si ion energy was 5 keV
and the target temperature was set to 1000 K. In the present simulation, we
aimed to reproduce experimentally observed {3 1 1} planer defects. So far we
did not observe long chain structures towards the 1 1 0 direction, nor
remarkable platelet {3 1 1} planar defects. Nevertheless we observed a
significant increase of 1 1 0-oriented self-interstitial dimers and a small
fraction of linear trimers, which will be the initial stages of 1 1 0-rod

Keywords: Self-interstitial atom; Crystalline silicon; Extended defect;
Molecular dynamics

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