Publications in Scientific Journals:

Hp. Winter, S. Lederer, F. Aumayr, H. Winter:
"Electron Emission for Grazing Slow Atom and Ion Impact on Monocrystalline Metal and Insulator Surfaces";
Physica Scripta, 72 (2005), C12 - C21.

English abstract:
In grazing collisions of atoms and ions with monocrystalline surfaces, projectiles
are scattered along de.ned trajectories, and electron emission therefore
proceeds under well characterised conditions compared to large-angle impact
on polycrystalline target surfaces. Total electron yields can be measured in
coincidence with energy loss of scattered projectiles, down to 10-4 electrons
per projectile near the threshold for kinetic electron emission.
In the present comment we demonstrate the recent experimental progress
for grazing scattering of slow (>100eV up to some keV per amu) atoms and
multiply charged ions on metal (Au, Al) and insulator (LiF) surfaces. Observed
kinetic and potential electron emission processes can be quantitatively explained
in terms of simple model assumptions. These experiments are carried out in
a practically non-destructive manner with intriguing aspects for novel surfaceanalytical

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