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J. Laimer, S. Haslinger, W. Meissl, J. Hell, H. Störi:
"Investigation of an atmospheric pressure radio-frequency capacitive plasma jet";
Vacuum, 79 (2005), 209 - 214.

English abstract:
We have constructed a large area atmospheric pressure plasma jet (LAAPPJ) composed of two planar electrodes with
an area 38 cm2 at a distance of 2.5 mm.The LAAPPJ was operated with helium at a gas flow rate of 1.5 mmol/s. The
electrical properties of the discharge were studied bymeasuring the voltage and the discharge current simultaneously
using a high voltage probe, a current probe and a digital oscilloscope. Pictures of the discharge were taken with a digital
Two discharge modes can be sustained within certain limits. At RF input powers of 50-420W an a-discharge can be
sustained, however, below approximately300 W the electrodes are only partiallycovered with the glow. At higher
powers a breakdown occurs and a transition to a g-discharge takes place, wherebythe a-discharge dies out. The gdischarge
onlycovers a part of the electrodes and can be sustained down to powers of 50 W. Below this power the
discharge extinguishes.
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Keywords: APPJ; Helium; RF discharge; a-discharge; g-discharge

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