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J. Laimer, M. Fink, C. Mitterer, H. Störi:
"Plasma CVD of alumina - Unsolved problems";
Vacuum, 80 (2005), 141 - 145.

English abstract:
In the present investigation, a commercial plasma CVD system suited for the deposition of titanium nitride (TiN) was
adapted for alumina deposition up to substrate temperatures of 800 1C.
The investigations clearly demonstrated that activating the process gas by plasma lowers the temperature needed for
the formation of hard alumina coatings. The properties of the alumina coatings depend strongly on process parameters
like temperature, plasma power and process gas composition. Higher plasma power as well as certain additives to the
process gas favour the formation of hard alumina (a-phase) at lower temperatures and suppress the formation of softer
alumina modifications. At the present stage, the process is still not sufficiently uniform. Furthermore, certain types of
damage in the coatings were observed.
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Keywords: Plasma CVD; Alumina; Bipolar discharge

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