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W.S.M. Werner, L. Köver, S. Egri, J. Tóth, D. Varga:
"Measurement of the surface excitation probabilityof medium energy electrons reflected from Si, Ni, Ge and Ag surfaces";
Surface Science, 585 (2005), 85 - 94.

English abstract:
Reflection electron energy loss spectra (REELS) are presented for medium energy (200 eV to 5 keV) electrons backscattered
from Si, Ni, Ge and Ag surfaces. Multiple bulk inelastic scattering is eliminated from the experimental spectra
and the differential surface excitation probability is retrieved from the resulting spectra. The differential as well as the
integral surface excitation probabilities are compared with available theoretical results and experimental data published
earlier. A material parameter is derived from the measurements that describes the dependence of the average number of
surface excitations experienced in a single surface crossing on the electron energy and direction of surface crossing.
While the shape of the distribution of energy losses in a single surface excitation is in reasonable agreement with theory,
the integral surface excitation probability, i.e. the number of surface excitations experienced by the probing electron
during a single surface crossing, exhibits a significant scatter when comparing results from different sources.
2005 Published by Elsevier B.V.
Keywords: Electron scattering inelastic surface bulk; Reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy (REELS)

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