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W. Smekal, W.S.M. Werner, C.J. Powell:
"Simulation of electron spectra for surface analysis(SESSA): a novel software tool for quantitative Auger-electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectronspectroscopy";
Surface and Interface Analysis, 37 (2005), 1059 - 1067.

English abstract:
Adescription of a newNIST database for quantitativeAuger-electron and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
(AES/XPS) is given: Simulation of Electron Spectra for Surface Analysis (SESSA). This database contains
extensive sets of data for the physical quantities relevant to AES and XPS. The internal databases are
linked to a user interface via a small expert system that allows a user to automatically retrieve data
needed for a specific practical application. SESSA can simulate AES and XPS spectra for a multilayered
thin-film sample for measurement conditions specified by the user. Experimental information needed by
SESSA is entered via an interface that matches the settings of AES/XPS instrumentation. The structure of
SESSA is described together with information on special features, unique capabilities, and sources of the
physical data. Examples of practical applications of SESSA for angle-resolved XPS on Al and Si samples,
determination of the depth distribution function in XPS, and the use of empirical peak shapes for spectrum
simulation are given. These and other applications are contained in SESSA in the form of tutorial files
with command-language statements that can be loaded into SESSA and modified as necessary for similar
simulations. Copyright  2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
KEYWORDS: scattering; attenuation; electron; spectroscopy; microscopy; energy loss; backscattering; elastic; inelastic

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