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P. Ohresser, H. Bulou, S.S. Dhesi, C. Boeglin, B. Lazarovits, E. Gaudry, I. Chado, J. Faerber, F. Scheurer:
"Surface Diffusion of Cr Adatoms on Au(111) by Quantum Tunnneling";
Physical Review Letters, 95 (2005), 195901-1 - 195901-4.

English abstract:
The low-temperature surface diffusion of isolated Cr adatoms on Au(111) has been determined using nonperturbing x rays. Changes in the x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectral line shape together with Monte Carlo calculations demonstrate that adatom nucleation proceeds via quantum tunneling diffusion rather than over-barrier hopping for temperatures <40 K. The jump rates are shown to be as much as 35 orders of magnitude higher than that expected for thermal over-barrier hopping at 10 K.

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