Publications in Scientific Journals:

C. Boeglin, P. Ohresser, R. Decker, H. Bulou, F. Scheurer, I. Chado, S.S. Dhesi, E. Gaudry, B. Lazarovits:
"Spin magnetic moments from single atoms to small Cr clusters";
Phys. Stat. Sol., b 242 (2005), 9; 1775 - 1778.

English abstract:
Morphology studies at the first stages of the growth of Cr/Au(111) are reported and compared to the magnetic properties of the nanostructures. We analyze by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Low Energy Electron Diffraction the Cr clusters growth between 200 K and 300 K. In the early stages of the growth the morphology of the clusters shows monoatomic high islands located at the kinks of the herringbone reconstructed Au(111) surface. By X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism performed on the Cr L2, 3 edges it is shown that the temperature dependent morphology strongly influences the magnetic properties of the Cr clusters. We show that in the sub-monolayer regime Cr clusters are antiferromagnetic and paramagnetic when the size reaches the atomic limit.

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