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E. Bauer, I. Bonalde, M. Sigrist:
"Superconductivity and normal state properties of non-centrosymmetric CePt3Si: a status report";
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Vol. 31 (2005), 8; 748 - 756.

English abstract:
Ternary CePt3Si crystallizes in the tetragonal P4mm structure which lacks a center of inversion. Antiferromagnetic order sets in at TN~ 2.2 K followed by superconductivity (SC) below Tc~0.75 K. Large values of H'c2=-8.5 T/K and Hc2(0)~5 T were derived, referring to Cooper pairs formed out of heavy quasiparticles. The mass enhancement originates from Kondo interactions with a characteristic temperature TK~8 K. CePt3Si follows the general features of correlated electron systems and can be arranged within the Kadowaki-Woods plot next to the unconventional SC UPt3. NMR and ÁSR results show that both magnetic order and SC coexist on a microscopic scale without having spatial segregation of both phenomena. The absence of an inversion symmetry gives rise to a lifting of the degeneracy of electronic bands by spin-orbit coupling. As a consequence, the SC order parameter may have uncommon features as indicated from a very unique NMR relaxation rate 1/T1 and a linear temperature dependence of the penetration depth .

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