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A. Bonanni, D. Stifter, K. Hingerl, H. Störi, W.S.M. Werner, J. Brenner, C. Weithaler, B. Gruska, G. Prunel, V. Delaire, T. Sanvito:
"In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry as a sensor for hard coatings and steel nitriding";
Surface and Interface Analysis, 34 (2002), 1; 681 - 685.

English abstract:
In this work, where the major emphasis has been given to in situ and on-line measurements, we
extend the available experience in the field of spectroscopic ellipsometry to plasma-assisted chemical
vapour deposition (PACVD) hard coatings and diffusion layers on steel, namely TiN, TiCN, TiAIN and
FexNy. Furthermore, Auger electron spectroscopy was carried out in order to correlate the spectroscopic
ellipsometry data on an absolute scale to their composition. It could be shown that monitoring of whole
standard industrial processes (up to 24 h) for the control of nitriding/deposition processes is easily
achievable. Thus, the formation of compound layers, the effectiveness of sputtering and the nitriding
process as well as the composition of hard coatings (TiN and compounds) can be determined in real time
in order to control and tune on-line the fabrication of PACVD hard coatings. Copyright  2002 John Wiley
& Sons, Ltd.
KEYWORDS: spectroscopic ellipsometry; TiN; plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition; in situ monitoring

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