Publications in Scientific Journals:

B. Lazarovits, L. Szunyogh, P. Weinberger:
"Spin-polarized surface states close to adatoms on Cu(111)";
Physical Review B, 73 (2006), 045430-1 - 045430-5.

English abstract:
sent a theoretical study of surface states close to 3d transition-metal adatoms Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and
Cu on a Cu 111 surface in terms of an embedding technique using the fully relativistic Korringa-Kohn-
Rostoker method. For each of the adatoms we found resonances in the s-like states to be attributed to a
localization of the surface states in the presence of an impurity. We studied the change of the s-like densities
of states in the vicinity of the surface-state band edge due to scattering effects mediated via the adatomīs d
orbitals. The results obtained clearly show that a magnetic impurity causes spin polarization of the surface
states. In particular, the long-range oscillations of the spin-polarized s-like density of states around an Fe
adatom are demonstrated.

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