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F. Aumayr, J. Stöckl, M Fürsatz, W. Meissl, Hp. Winter:
"Interaction of slow multiply charged Ar ions with a LiF insulator surface";
e-J. Surface Sci. Nanotech., 4 (2006), 388 - 393.

English abstract:
We have investigated electron emission for impact of slow multiply charged Ar ions on an atomically clean and flat insulating LiF(001) surface. Time-of-flight spectra and the number of emitted electrons have been determined in coincidence for grazing scattering of Arq+ projectiles from LiF. By relating projectile energy loss to kinetic electron emission we were able to determine contributions from potential electron emission even in the presence of a considerable number of kinetically excited electrons. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2006.388]
Keywords: Ion-solid interactions; electron emission; alkali halides; ion scattering spectroscopy

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