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R. Lackner, E. Bauer, P. Rogl:
"Study of the thermoelectric properties of CePd3Bx";
Physica B: Condensed Matter, 378-380 (2006), 835 - 836.

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Physica B: Condensed Matter
Volumes 378-380 , 1 May 2006, Pages 835-836
Proceedings of the International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems - SCES 2005

Copyright 2006 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Study of the thermoelectric properties of CePd3Bx

R. Lackner a, E. Bauer a and P. Rogl b

a Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology,A-1040 Vienna, Austria
b Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Vienna, A-1090 Vienna, Austria

Available online 4 April 2006.


Intermetallic CePd3Bx was studied by the means of X-ray diffraction and transport measurements in a temperature range of 0.5-300 K. The introduction of boron into CePd3 causes a non-Vergard law-like behaviour of the lattice constant which is attributed to the intermediate valence of the Ce ions. With increasing boron content TK is driven towards zero until at a threshold of about 20% boron concentration the behaviour of the material changes completely. We compare the measured data with theoretical models and try to understand how the thermoelectric properties can be tuned by introduction of extrinsic atoms.

Keywords: CePd3Bx; Thermoelectric properties

PACS classification codes: 71.10.Hf; 71.27.+a; 75.30.Mb

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