Publications in Scientific Journals:

L. Szunyogh, G. Zaránd, S. Gallego, C. Munoz, B.L. Gyorffy:
"Effect of Spin-Orbit Interaction on a Magnetic Impurity in the Vicinity of a Surface";
Physical Review Letters, 96 (2006), 0672041 - 0672044.

English abstract:
We propose a new mechanism for surface-induced magnetic anisotropy to explain the thickness
dependence of the Kondo resistivity of thin films of dilute magnetic alloys. The surface anisotropy
energy, generated by spin-orbit coupling on the magnetic impurity itself, is an oscillating function of the
distance d from the surface and decays as 1/d2. Numerical estimates based on simple models suggest that
this mechanism, unlike its alternatives, gives rise to an effect of the desired order of magnitude.

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