Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Vernes:
"Ab initio magneto-optical Kerr spectra for solid systems with reduction dimensions";
Philosophical Magazine, 86 (2006), 13-14; 1973 - 1999.

English abstract:
The complex optical conductivity tensor for layered systems is calculated on the
basis of the Luttinger formula within the spin-polarized relativistic screened
Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker method by means of a contour integration
technique. Ab initio Kerr spectra are then obtained for arbitrary geometry and
incidence via a 2 x 2 matrix technique which includes all multiple reflections
between layers and optical interferences in the layers. Applied to fcc Co/Pt
layered systems it is shown that the Kerr spectra are highly sensitive to the
surface orientation, its dependence on the Co slab and cap Pt thickness closely
reflects, e.g. the ABCABC. . . stacking of the fcc (111) texture, and even for a
moderate number of Co/Pt3 bilayers a satisfactory good agreement with
corresponding measurements is achieved.

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