M. Hajek, T. Berger, M. Fugger, M. Fürstner, N. Vana, Y. Akatov, V. Shurshakov, V. Arkhangelsky:
"BRADOS - Dose determination in the Russian Segment of the International Space Station";
Advances in Space Research, 37 (2006), S. 1664 - 1667.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In the frame of the joint experiment BRADOS-1, absorbed dose and average linear energy transfer were assessed by means of 7LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-700) thermoluminescence detectors for different panels onboard the Russian Segment of the International Space Station in the timeframe between February and October 2001 (248 days). A technique is presented to correct the measured absorbed dose values for thermoluminescent efficiency in the radiation climate onboard the spacecraft. Average linear energy transfer is determined from the high-temperature thermoluminescence emission in the TLD-700 glowcurve and used as a parameter in the thermoluminescent-efficiency correction. Depending on the shielding distribution, the efficiency-corrected absorbed dose varies between 168(2) μGy/d in panel No. 318 (core block ceiling) and 249(4) μGy/d in panel No. 443 (starboard-side commander cabin). The experimental data are compared with model calculations using detailed shielding distributions and orbit parameters as input.

BRADOS; Space dosimetry; Thermoluminescence; Thermoluminescent efficiency; HTR

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