Publications in Scientific Journals:

H.C. Herper:
"Electric transport perpendicular to the planes";
Physica Status Solidi, b 243 (2006), 11; 2632 - 2642.

English abstract:
Since the discovery of the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in magnetic multilayers, several theoretical de-
scriptions have been used to determine the resistivity of such layered structures. The resistance for the
current in direction of the planes of layers can easily be measured, and has been intensively studied theo-
retically. However, the investigation of the GMR for the current perpendicular to the planes (CPP) is
slightly more difficult. Here, a microscopic formalism for the study of the CPP GMR is reported by mak-
ing use of the Kubo-Greenwood equation. Within this method perturbations of the interfaces like inter-
diffusion, alloy formation, or impurities can easily be included, which is of importance, because the dis-
cussion of the GMR is always related to the structure of the interfaces. The presentation of the Kubo-
Greenwood formalism for CPP transport is complemented by a brief discussion of some exemplary results.

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