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M. Reissner, E. Bauer, W. Steiner, P. Rogl:
"Mössbauer Effect Study of Eu0.88Fe4Sb12 Skutterudite";
Hyperfine Interactions, 158 (2004), 211 - 215.

English abstract:
Mössbauer Effect Study of Eu0.88Fe4Sb12 Skutterudite

Michael Reissner 1, Ernst Bauer 1, Walter Steiner 1 and Peter Rogl 2
(1)Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
(2)Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

The partly filled skutterudites Eu0.88Fe4Sb12 were investigated by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy in the temperature range 4.2 K <= T <= 295 K and in external fields up to 13.5 T. The results favour a statistical distribution of Eu and voids in the Fe near neighbour shell. Below 82 1 K magnetic order is present. Debye temperatures ΘD = 460 20 K and 165 30 K were obtained for Fe with completely occupied Eu sites and for Fe with vacancies in the R-neighbour shell, respectively. The temperature dependence of the quadrupole splitting reflects the thermal expansion of the lattice. The induced hyperfine fields at 4.2 K are negative and differ by roughly a factor of two for the two Fe surroundings.

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