S. Mazumder, D. Sen, A. Patra, S. Khadilkar, R. Cursetji, R. Loidl, M. Baron, H. Rauch:
"Temporal evolution of mesoscopic and dynamical scaling of the structure factor of some non-Euclidean systems";
Physical Review B, 72 (2005), S. 224208-1 - 224208--10.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Real time kinetics of hydration of calcium silicates with light and heavy water has been investigated at the
mesoscopic length scale with the ultra small-angle neutron scattering technique. The scattering data could not
be interpreted in terms of a linear theory of phase formation. The predictions of nonlinear theories on the
dynamics of phase formation have been examined. The validity of the dynamical scaling hypothesis for phase
formation has also been explored. For the real time hydration of silicates with light water, reasonable agreement
has been observed with a dynamical scaling hypothesis with a different measure of the characteristic
length. The temporal evolution of the characteristic length does not follow a power-law relation with time. It
increases with time and reaches a plateau. The mesoscopic structure of the hydrating pastes could not be
described in terms of a classical porous medium with a well-defined specific inner surface. In the case of
hydration with light water, the hydrating mass exhibits a mass fractal nature throughout hydration, with the
mass fractal dimension increasing with time and reaching a plateau. But, in the case of hydration with heavy
water, no agreement has been observed with the scaling hypothesis. For hydration with heavy water, the
microstructure of the hydrating mass undergoes a transition from mass fractal to surface fractal and
subsequently to mass fractal. The qualitative and quantitative features of the kinetics of hydration, as measured
in scattering experiments, are strikingly different for hydration with light and heavy water.

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