Publications in Scientific Journals:

H. Dachraoi, W. Husinsky, G. Betz:
"Ultra-short laser ablation of metals and semiconductors: evidence of ultra-fast Coulomb explosion";
Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 83 (2006), 2; 333 - 336.

English abstract:
We have studied ultra-fast laser ablation of Si and a metal via the neutral and ion yield, the energy distribution of emitted neutrals and the charge distribution as a function of the laser pulse width. Two processes, one leading to the ejection of fast (3-7 eV), the other to slow thermal particles, can be identified. The origin of the first process can be correlated with laser pulse widths (or pump-probe delays) and processes on a time scale below 100 fs. Results for Si confirm recent findings for Coulomb explosion (CE) and we show for the first time that CE exists as a mechanism of material removal from metals for ultra-short laser pulses.

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