Publications in Scientific Journals:

W.S.M. Werner:
"Dielectric function of Cu, Ag, and Au obtained from reflection electronenergy loss spectra, optical measurements, and density functional theory";
Applied Physics Letters, 89 (2006), 2131061 - 2131063.

English abstract:
Pairs of reflection electron energy loss spectra recorded at different incident energies aredecomposed to give the energy loss distribution in individual inelastic collisions at the surface andin the bulk of the solid. The resulting single scattering loss distributions are fitted to aDrude-Lindhard model for the dielectric function in the spectral range between the near visible andsoft x-ray regions. Good agreement is found between the retrieved optical constants, densityfunctional theory calculations, and optical measurements, rendering this type of analysis promisingfor the investigation of surface plasmons and determination of optical constants of individualnanostructures.

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