Publications in Scientific Journals:

C.J. Powell, W.S.M. Werner, W. Smekal:
"Distinguishability of N composition profiles in SiON films on Si by angle-resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy";
Applied Physics Letters, 89 (2006), 1721011 - 1721013.

English abstract:
Photoelectron intensities of N 1s and O 1s peaks at selected emission angles are reported for a SiONfilm on Si with different assumed amounts and distributions of N in the film. The intensities weredetermined from an efficient simulation tool for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS thatincorporates appropriate values of elastic- and inelastic-scattering parameters in each region of thespecimen as well as the finite angular acceptance of the analyzer. Appreciable dispersion of theintensities was found only for the N 1s peak at an emission angle of 75 degree with respect to the surfacenormal . Conventional analyses of angle-resolved XPS data that include such large emission anglesare unlikely to be valid due to angle-dependent changes of the attenuation length.

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