Publications in Scientific Journals:

Hp. Winter, F. Aumayr, H. Winter, S. Lederer:
"Recent Advances in Slow Heavy Particle Induced Electron Emission";
Mat. Fys. Medd. Dan. Vid. Selsk., 52 (2006), 525 - 556.

English abstract:
We present recent developments for electron emission induced by impact of
slow (projectile velocity ≤ 1 a.u. = 2.18 106 m/s) atoms, molecules, and
singly and multiply charged ions on atomically clean monocrystalline metal
and insulator surfaces. We show, in particular, that with grazing incident
projectiles on monocrystalline flat surfaces the coincident measurement of
projectile energy loss with the number of emitted electrons, the electron yields
caused by potential and kinetic emission can be distinguished. Furthermore,
for grazing impact of neutral ground state atoms on monocrystalline flat metal
surfaces a very precise determination of the small total electron yield near the
kinetic emission threshold can be achieved, and the measured yields are in
good agreement with a classical model for electron emission from binary collisions
of projectiles with quasi-free metal electrons above the target surface.
We also present some results on slow molecular projectile non-proportionality
effects in kinetic emission. Finally, we mention as two novel applications of
KE a surface structure determination based on KE by grazing-incident ions or
atoms, and a method for evaluation of mixed ion beam fractions for different
ion species with nearly equal charge-to-mass ratios.

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