S. Chen, Y.-A. Chen, T. Strassel, Z.-S. Yuan, B. Zhao, H.-J. Schmiedmayer, J.-W. Pan:
"Deterministic and Storable Single-Photon Source Based on a Quantum Memory";
Physical Review Letters, 97 (2006), S. 173004-1 - 173004-4.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A single-photon source is realized with a cold atomic ensemble (87Rb atoms). A single excitation, written in an atomic quantum memory by Raman scattering of a laser pulse, is retrieved deterministically
as a single photon at a predetermined time. It is shown that the production rate of single photons can be enhanced considerably by a feedback circuit while the single-photon quality is conserved. Such a singlephoton source is well suited for future large-scale realization of quantum communication and linear optical quantum computation.

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