Publications in Scientific Journals:

C.J. Powell, W.S.M. Werner, W. Smekal:
"Refined calculations of effective attenuation lengths for SiO2 film thicknesses by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy";
Applied Physics Letters, 89 (2006), 2521161 - 2521163.

English abstract:
Electron effective attenuation lengths EALs for SiO2 films on Si are reported that were obtainedfrom Monte Carlo simulations of substrate Si 2p3/2 photoelectron transport for x-ray photoelectronspectroscopy XPS with Al K and Mg K x rays and SiO2 films of varying thicknesses. TheseEALs show a stronger dependence on SiO2 thickness than previous values found from anapproximate algorithm. Since recent XPS data for SiO2 can be analyzed satisfactorily withthickness-independent EALs, the results indicate that intrinsic excitations and/or variations ofinelastic-scattering probabilities near surfaces and interfaces appear to be significant in quantitative XPS.

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